Farmhouse Charm on Instagram: “What do you think of this farmhouse bathroom? We love all the…

Farmhouse Charm 🏡 on Instagram: “What do you think of this farmhouse bathroom? We love all the little decor pieces! 😍 Do you put any decorations in your bathrooms? 👀 TAG a…”

Probably we all agree that without a bathroom, nothing happens. While some only see the useful aspect of the room and only use it for brushing their teeth and showering, others attach great importance to a pleasant feel-good climate, in which you can relax and regenerate with a long, hot bath. For this reason, a beautiful design is also necessary here, which is based on the other rooms of the apartment. We have put together some ideas with which you can easily decorate and remodel your bathroom.

The Baddeko DIY project “from the wet cell to a dream bathroom“
Everyone who has built his own house has in most cases designed the bathroom to his own taste. But since not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy a spacious bathroom with a free-standing bathtub, but has to make do with what is found in the rented apartment, only one solution remains: a beautiful bathroom decoration that takes everything out of the room that can be taken out.

Because even if the number of square meters leaves something to be desired and one wonders with the bathroom floor plan, what has probably gone through the architect’s mind, one can usually make great changes with just a few simple steps, which let the former useful space shine in New splendor. So already during the morning brushing of teeth a good Start into the day is provided and the make-up, finishing and hairdressing is twice as fun.

Great bathroom decoration ideas for a harmonious atmosphere in your bathroom
A well thought-out color concept plays a major role when it comes to the design and decoration of a bathroom.
To achieve a calm and harmonious overall look, it is recommended to use an accent color that matches your tiles. A nice example of a real oasis of well-being are bright colors such as Beige or gray, which you can integrate with the help of towels, a bath mat and, if necessary, a shower curtain.

However, the wall design should also be included in the design concept with the help of the appropriate wall colour, so that a common thread is spun through the room with the chosen desired colour.

You live in an old apartment and always struggle with unsightly tiles? Then you can buy a special tile paint in the hardware store, with which the unsightly tiles are simply painted over.

The right accessories for a beautiful bathroom decoration
Also in the bathroom there are many possibilities to accommodate beautiful home accessories. In addition to a tray with candles, which provide the right ambience for a relaxing bath, there are also soap dispensers, a beautiful framed mirror and color-coordinated towels.

Practical storage and decoration areas offers a bathroom shelf, which with small baskets creates the ideal storage space for Make-Up and other bathroom utensils. It looks nice when you arrange the baskets together with towels and loosen up the whole thing with small decoration elements.

One of the most popular bathroom accessories of our members is the Natural Basket. The braided basket made of natural materials is a real alround Talent and can be used as a laundry basket as well as a planter for houseplants.

The natural accessory in a casual Ethno Look always fits anywhere, can be decorated on the floor, on a table or on a shelf and is always a striking eye-catcher.
We also find that the natural theme fits particularly in the bathroom. For example, how about the combination of braided baskets, beige towels, wooden accessories and a small table where you can decorate your candle tray or candle holder?

Also important: The lighting for the bathroom decoration
Proper lighting conditions are a must in every bathroom. After all, we don’t want to be confronted with unpleasant surprises in the office toilet, but we want to know in advance where we applied the concealer and how much Rouge we used.

In addition to a bright ceiling lamp, it is convenient to also provide the area around the mirror with a light source. So you always have everything perfectly in view and can upgrade the bathroom at the same time with stylish lamps.

In our solebich gallery you will find many beautiful pictures of the bathrooms of our members. Here you can get inspired and collect many great bathroom decoration ideas.

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